Home Education: The Top 5 Books to Read in Quarantine

What to reflect on while in quarantine

The introduction of quarantine measures in Ukraine has forced many businesses to reformat their ways of work as well as added concern to the owners. Yet, at the same time, it is the perfect time to think about ideas, plans, and discover new opportunities. One of the sources of inspiration, positive thoughts, and a good mood can be a book. 

What to read while in quarantine tells co-owner of HD-group Sergiy Chekalsky.


  1. “The Art of Light Touch” (original title: «Искусство легких касаний») by Victor Pelevin
    Publisher: Exmo

The latest and absolutely amazing book of a real master consists of two novels and one narrative. I will focus on only one story, dealing with modern information wars.

Here the concept of information chimeras is introduced. It is an artificial semantic construction designed to manipulate public opinion. King-Chimera is a noospheric bomb, or a powerful information weapon, which, according to the author, the US and Russian intelligence services have. It is analogous to the atomic bomb that poses a threat of the Third World War in the information age.

The fulfillment of the author’s prophecy did not take long: coronavirus is the first King-Chimera launched on the planet’s population. By whom though? That is just more of a rhetorical question, I guess. 


  1. «Все пространства и все времена» (title in English: “All spaces and all times”) by Maryna Kozlova Publisher: FLP Panov A. N.

I might be wrong, but it seems to be the only science-fiction novel about Ukraine so far! Almost two years ago, a group of scientists from the FFF Foundation (“Foundation for Future”), co-founder of which I am honored to be, created a document entitled “Charter for the Future”.

 This is a detailed model of a country – space – a republic, in which we all would like to live. There is no representative democracy, instead, there are qualifications and lots. In place of parliament is a forum. There the deputies are not elected but are drawn by lot, after undergoing the qualification process.

Instead of the president is the Strategist, who bears personal responsibility for his decisions. The position of the Strategist is not a privilege, it is a ministry. Therefore, one can either get to the hall of fame or the landfill of history.

The state is viewed as a service organization. So, instead of taxes, they have a fee for services. And instead of power comes management.

To implement this transition, we are developing a roadmap. It will require people specially prepared for life and work in the new coordinate system.

You need to start with upbringing, education, professional training. This is a long way that could take a period of up to two generations but we can start it today.

To describe the world that we invented in simple and captivating words, Maryna Kozlova wrote the futurological novel “All Times and All Spaces”.

I recommend it to everyone! If we wish to be in the future that we want, we have to visualize it at least.

  1. “Aristonomia” (original title: «Аристономия») by Boris Akunin-Chkhartishvili
    Publisher: Zakharov Books

On the cover of this book a renowned writer Boris Akunin placed next to the pseudonym his real name – Chkhartishvili.

That was because the book was different from all previously written by him. Nowadays it is already a trilogy, but Aristonomy is the first and most important. The novel is divided into two parts – fictional and documentary-philosophical.

The meaning behind the term “aristonomy” is consistently revealed to us with each chapter. This is an amazing combination of human qualities. The absence of one nullifies all the others, turning a person simply into mediocrity.

Boris Akunin explained that he wrote this book for himself and considers it his main work.

Quote: “The right path in life is not to pursue wealth and success, but to focus on self-improvement.”

  1. «Анатомия Победы» (title in English: «Anatomy of Victory») by Lisov Sergey
    Publisher: Ridero

We all use debriefing techniques, especially in cases of failure. It is believed that by eliminating the mistakes, it will be possible to succeed next time. Yet, next time other unforeseen circumstances happen, in a new place and at another time – and once again we are back at analyzing the mistakes.

This book describes the principles and methods of systemic work to ensure success! It is similar to “debriefing”, but not with a perspective of downgrading, but aiming to the top. 

No matter how strange it may sound, but this is really a training book. It is written in a very simple language and after reading it, you will be able to cope with any task!

  1. «Прогулки с палачом» (title in English: “Strolls with an executioner”) by Edvard Radzinsky
    Publisher: AST

The story takes place during the French Revolution. Democracy was solving its problems with the monarchy with the help of the unpretentious “Madame Guillotine”.

The narration is presented through the first-person perspective – a hereditary Paris executioner. He executed, then executed those who executed and, afterward, he executed those who executed the executors. From the king to Robespierre …

We all know that history is repeating itself. I could draw direct analogies from the book with the modern history of Ukraine. Very instructive reading for current and future politicians and revolutionaries.