HD-group provided aid to socially vulnerable citizens in Kyiv

Charitable Foundation “Social Initiatives of Boris Shestopalov and Serhii Chekalsky” responded to the call of the Single Coordination Center working under the Kyiv City State Administration. 

Today 2,000 Easter cakes (paskhas) have been donated by the charity foundation  of HD-group “Social Initiatives of Boris Shestopalov and Sergei Chekalsky” to the KSCA Single Coordination Center, which coordinates charities and volunteers to help socially vulnerable people of Kyiv.

All products were manufactured at the production facilities of the HD-group enterprises in the city of Zaporizhzhia. Easter cakes were delivered with the assistance of “Nova Posta”, a permanent partner of the Single Coordination Center. 

“Ukraine is not only Kyiv or Zaporizhzhia… The problems are the same everywhere, to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, when the representatives of the KSCA Single Coordination Center approached us with an offer to support those people who are in need, we did not think long. We simply completed this task – our factories baked an additional amount of products overnight. Afterward, “N

ova Poshta” took up providing urgent delivery for Easter cakes to be distributed until Sunday. Only together can we overcome any calamity. Moreover, it is the socially responsible business that is the first to show an example of such extraterritoriality,” commented Boris Shestopalov, the co-founder of HD-group and co-founder of the charity foundation “Social Initiatives of Boris Shestopalov and Sergii Chekalsky”.

Such interregional cooperation in helping people who are now at risk due to the coronavirus pandemic is a vivid example of the fact that volunteering and charity for Ukraine are a unifying movement, and it cannot be limited to regional borders, state the co-founders of HD-group, Boris Shestopalov and Sergii Chekalsky.

“There is such a term as a generosity index! Gordon Moore has it equal to 77%, Warren Buffett to 35%, Mark Zuckerberg to 111% and Chuck Feeney to 420 000% !!! The index is calculated simply – the ratio of the remaining personal capital to the capital before the start of charity work. Chuck Feeney, for example, spent $ 6.3 billion leaving $ 1.5 million for himself. I suggest that anyone interested in compiling the richest ratings should take this index into account and only then rank the candidates. Indeed, we are still very far from the first indicators of the index, but we are on our way! Congratulations to all on the Resurrection of the Great Lord Jesus Christ”, summarizes Sergii Chekalsky, co-owner of HD-group and charity foundation “Social Initiatives of Boris Shestopalov and Sergii Chekalsky”, during the transfer of the Easter products to the representatives of the KSCA Single Coordination Center.

About HD-group:

HD-group is a group of companies, founded in 1998 as the GOC “Hlibodar” in Zaporizhzhia. Its founders are Serhii Chekalskii and Boris Shestopalov. The group comprises grain processing enterprises, bread and pastry factories, a jam and preserves plant, as well as companies providing procurement and logistics services.

In 2019 the GOC “Hlibodar” was transformed into “HD-group”. Nowadays HD-group functions as an agrifood platform, acting as a service center with a set of outsourcing functions in the B2B market — from the production of goods (within the existing production areas) to the provision of procurement and logistics services.

The number of employees is more than 2600 people.

EBITDA Margin Ratio 2019 – 14,8%.

Revenue excluding VAT in 2019 amounted to UAH 1,235 billion.