HD-group announced the establishment of a $20 million investment fund

Mind.UA, 2 FEBRUARY 2020

The shareholders of HD-group – Serhii Chekalskii, Borys Shestopalov and UK Agroservice 2000, which is part of HD-group – have announced the establishment of the «Fondovyi Kapital» («Fund Capital») investment fund. This was reported by the press service of HD-group.

The asset value of the investment funds will amount to $20 million.

The fund was created to consolidate the resources of HD-group, manage core acquisitions in 2020-2021, and implement direct as well as portfolio investments in the agri-food segment (processing, production, and food start-up projects).

The Fund will be managed by the JSC «Asset Management Company «Slavutich-Invest».

Serhii Chekalskii, co-owner of HD-group

«By investing in the development of new business areas, we create new markets, new high-paid jobs, and make Ukraine interesting for international business. The more foreign capital the country has, the higher the country’s overall security against external threats becomes.

Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world, and this is not only owing to the army system with reservists or its landscape. Nobody will attack Switzerland, because the whole world has its own interests there. These interests did not arise on their own – the Swiss created them and showed them to the world. Nowadays Ukraine urgently needs to prove itself as a place, where the main geopolitical players can find and realize their business interests, obviously with a benefit for the Ukrainian economy and us, its citizens», – commented Serhii Chekalskii, co-owner of HD-group.

Boris Shestopalov, co-owner of HD-group

«Establishing an investment fund is the next step towards the development of HD-group. We have implemented most of the transformation project, created a whole set of internal services that ensure the functioning of all business processes related to the fulfillment of the core mission of the enterprises within HD-group, namely ensuring that our customers are provided with high-quality and safe products. We believe that our Holding is ready not only for organic market growth but also inorganic growth, through the acquisition of new enterprises», – explained Boris Shestopalov, co-owner of HD-group.